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GOPA Group SA - About us

The formation of GOPA Group Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd in 2001 was the consequence of a sincere commitment by its South African shareholders to the process of reconstruction and development.

The company was fortunate to find a shared commitment by its German shareholders (GOPA Consultants and EPOS Health Consultants), with the added benefit of professional inputs from European companies that boast a global reach spanning four decades in the field of development cooperation.

South Africa's first democratic election in 1994 has been hailed as an event of historical proportions. With democracy came an abrupt end to negative trends in virtually all of the major economic indicators. The changes in these trends have been dramatic, both in terms of directional shifts and sustainability, as demonstrated by the sustained inflow of foreign capital, the restoration of fundamental macroeconomic stability and a return to uninterrupted positive real GDP growth. South Africa's re-integration as a respected member of the international economy has also significantly elevated the discourse on the pivotal role that the country is destined to play in the development of Sub-Saharan Africa.

One of the central characteristics of the high-income countries of the world is their design of political and social institutions that encourage human freedom, diversity and the protection of private ownership of the means of production- thereby liberating the creativity of their citizens.

Since 1994, South Africa has made immense progress in this area - most notably in terms of a constitution that is regarded as a world role model for the protection of human rights. The new generation of South Africans, hailing from a diversity of cultures, is expending much of its intellectual energy on creating a more prosperous and secure environment.

The GOPA group of companies believes that the institutions underpinning modern democracies are more powerful than is often acknowledged. It is in this broad area of capacity building, in particular, that GOPA Group SA sees a growing role for itself. Much work also needs to be done in South Africa in the areas underpinning the key societal objectives of employment creation, poverty alleviation and the expansion of health care.

It follows, therefore, that GOPA Group SA has decided to focus its activities on ancillary areas such as the following:

Education and training, health and population, housing and urban development, water and sanitation, local economic development, good governance, private sector development, and regional integration and co-operation.

German shareholders


GOPA is an independent private consulting company, conducting projects worldwide in the fields of consulting, management and training, on behalf of national and international financing agencies and private industry. Its legal and financial independence ensures that client interests are properly safeguarded. GOPA's activities worldwide are directed from its head-office in Bad Homburg, near Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

GOPA's success has been achieved thanks mostly to its policy to uphold three principles: integrity, quality and social responsibility. The company is a member of the German humanitarian foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" and of Transparency International, a non-governmental organisation devoted to combating corruption.

The company's global reputation as a leader in the field of development cooperation is cemented in four decades of experience in designing and implementing technical assistance projects in developing and transition economies. Its main areas of competence are:

Human Resources and Social Development, Rural Development and Environment, Infrastructure Development, Economic Development and Information Technology.


Founded in 1985, EPOS Health Consultants is now one of the leading independent European consulting firms in the health-care sector. Backed by many years of experience gained in diverse health-care projects in practically every field of health care in more than 60 industrialised, transition, threshold and developing countries, EPOS is well prepared to confront problems from a holistic perspective and to apply its extensive professional expertise.

EPOS is well known for innovative consulting services and problem-oriented solutions. The aim is to provide its clients with sound consulting services based upon our experience and knowledge, helping them to analyse goals and problems and to develop sustainable solutions. Quality is more than just a catchword, and EPOS has earned the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate.

Areas of expertise are the following:

Health policy and legislation, health services organisation, preventive and primary health care, sexual and reproductive health, personnel development, strategic development of health-care institutions, management and organisational development, medicine and hospital care, revenue/cost management and financing, quality management and certification, information services, hospital services, infrastructure and equipment, and marketing of health-care provider institutions.