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Research Reports

The following links provides access to a selection of research reports that have been conducted by the Joint Managing Director of GOPA Group SA (Dr Roelof Botha).

The Economic Significance of Micro-finance (February 2019)
Land Reform Economic Impact Study (October 2018)
Drone EIA, Dr Roelof Botha (2018)
Angola Currency Convergence Study (August 2018)
Copyright Law EIA, Dr Roelof Botha (July 2017)
Commercial Aviation in Africa (2017)
Agri Index, Dr Roelof Botha (2017)
Namibia EIA Grain Levy, Dr Roelof Botha (September 2016)
Exchange rate forecast - ZAR, Dr Roelof Botha (March 2016)
Sub-Saharan Africa FDI Ranking (2015)
EIA Foreign Ownership - Security Industry, Dr Roelof Botha (2015)
FDI Ranking Africa, DR Roelof Botha (2015)
EIA Mining Tax, Dr Roelof Botha (November 2015)
Glossary of Macroeconomic Terms, Dr Roelof Botha (October 2015)
EIA Transport Regulation, Dr Roelof Botha (September 2015)
Freedom in Africa, Dr Roelof Botha (February 2015)
African property market, Dr Roelof Botha (January 2015)
The State as Facilitator (2014)
Gauteng Freeway Funding EIA, Dr Roelof Botha (2014)
Fiscal Policy, Dr Roelof Botha (2014)
Economic Impact Assessment AAD (November 2014)
NDP Growth Strategy, Dr Roelof Botha (2013)
Kenya focus, Dr Roelof Botha (2011)
Exchange rate forecast ZAR (August 2011)
Sector Focus - SA Mining, Dr Roelof Botha (21 February 2011)
Sector Focus - SA Banking, Dr Roelof Botha (4 February 2011)
Thebe Tourism Index (2010)
International Competitiveness (2008)
Botswana Electricity Price Study (2008)
Public Sector Economics(2005)
Infrastructure - Economic Significance (2005)
Enter the Euro (May 2002)

To view the above files online, click on them respectively, if you want to save a copy of a file on your computer, right-click on the specific file, and select "Save Target As" from the drop down menu.

The documents are in PDF format, and they can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.